HACC Simulation Data Portal

This webpage provides access to results from large cosmological simulations carried out with HACC, the Hardware/Hybrid Accelerated Cosmology Code, developed primarily at Argonne. The data products include halo information and downsampled particle snapshots at several redshifts. The simulations cover a range of different cosmologies at different resolutions and sizes. In order to download the datasets, a Globus ID is required (you will be prompted to set up a Globus ID when you start the download process or to authenticate in case you have already a Globus account). For more information on how to use the data and acknowledge its use in publications, see the frequently asked questions. In order to access the simulation data, please click on the simulation names provided below.

Mira-Titan Universe Simulations

A suite of eleven cosmological models, evolving almost 33 billion particles each in a (2.1Gpc)3 volume.

Outer Rim Simulation

A LCDM simulation evolving more than 1 trillion particles in a (4.225Gpc)3 volume.

QContinuum Simulation

A LCDM simulation evolving more than 0.5 trillion particles in a (1.3Gpc)3 volume.